Why Dubai is making escorts a business model for the city

Why Dubai is making escorts a business model for the city

Dubai has made escorts one of its core business models.

And the country has created its own escort agencies, which are offering a new, lucrative market for the once-troubled sector.

And it has been a boon for the state-run Dubai Development Authority, which is trying to attract more business from the new market.

According to the Dubai Bureau of Statistics, there are more than 3,000 private escort agencies operating in the UAE.

These are often run by Emiratis who have had to move to the country as a refugee, or have had the option of staying home.

For many, it is an economic opportunity, but for others, it can be a lucrative business.

Some are working for hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

For others, the jobs pay well, while for others it is a chance to get out of the home and into the limelight.

When a woman like Fadel, who lives in Dubai with her boyfriend, was looking for a “quality escort” to escort her to the airport, she found one on the streets of the city, waiting for her at a busy intersection.

“They all said they are from Dubai, and they have been here for six months,” Fadel told NBC News.

The two-hour ride to Dubai airport took Fadel and her boyfriend two hours.

Fadel was not expecting to be taken home, but it was a surprise.

Fadel and his boyfriend had just gotten off a bus at a popular mall in the city’s east when Fadel said she was ready to go.

But as she was driving, her boyfriend noticed a man with a gun and yelled at him to get the woman out of his car.

She said the man pulled out a gun, fired one shot, and the woman fell.

Her boyfriend, who was in the passenger seat, was hit in the arm.

He was taken to hospital and later released.

At the hospital, Fadel could not find out what had happened to his boyfriend.

“I didn’t know if he had been shot, or if it was an accident,” she said.

After the shooting, Fedders boyfriend, whose face was covered in blood, was taken by ambulance to the hospital and was transferred to the ICU, where he died two days later.

Fedding said he was a regular customer of the escort agency.

In the past, Dubai had faced criticism over the treatment of women who worked in the industry, and Fadel believes the city is trying something different now.

“We have a lot of laws now that are protecting women from discrimination, and now there is a new policy,” she told NBC.

Women in the business are not being targeted and they are not abused, said Fadel.

“They are being treated very well.

As a result, we are seeing a huge growth in demand for escorts, and more than 30% of our clients are foreign women,” she added.

Many of the companies that offer escorts are run by men.

Fader Al-Qarawi, a former escort who is now a commercial director at the Dubai office of the International Federation of Escorts, said many of the men who offer escorting work in the Dubai area.

“These guys are mostly from the UAE and they do it as a hobby,” he told NBC affiliate Al Jazeera.

“Most of them are young and inexperienced.”

Al-Qarrawi said the UAE has been doing a lot to boost the number of female escorts.

In 2012, the UAE introduced a new law which banned any form of sexual harassment.

It also banned “the use of violence, threats or intimidation of any kind”.

The government also has tightened regulations on escort agencies in the past year.

In January, it banned them from operating within 1.5 kilometers of a school, and on July 7, it prohibited them from being more than 2 kilometers away from schools.

Al-Masdar also reported that a new set of laws was recently introduced to regulate the escorts sector in Dubai, allowing them to operate in public spaces such as the airport and shopping malls, as well as within the boundaries of the Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque.

The laws will only be effective for the next five years, but they were already in place by the time Al-Masdaar reported the news.

Dubai is not the first country to consider regulating the escorting industry, but Fadel says she is very hopeful that the UAE will follow suit.

“The UAE government is trying very hard to make this an economic growth sector, so that they will be able to attract new businesses from the country,” she explained.

Despite the government’s push, there is still a huge amount of discrimination against women in the country.

Fadi Al-Jabari, a lawyer who works for the National Coalition for the Elimination of Female Slavery in Dubai and the UAE, told Al Jazeera that many women who have worked in esc

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