Escorts service offers a new twist for young girls

Escorts service offers a new twist for young girls

In Dubai, the girls are free to roam the city in a brand-new kind of escort service, called Escorts in the Desert.

The service is a hybrid between an escort agency and a private brothel, where girls can have sex with other escorts and clients.

But the girls in Escorts on the Desert are treated more like “independent contractors,” who can make their own decisions about who to sleep with and who to have sex.

The girls can even choose the escort’s sex partners, as long as the clients are “as good” as they want to be, according to a Dubai government official.

“There are so many different girls that it’s almost like a zoo,” says a girl named Alia who lives in a small apartment in a residential area of the city.

“We choose what we want, we decide whether or not we want to go to the brothel or not, how many times we want our money.

We choose the time, the date, the duration.”

When it comes to the girls’ privacy, the government says they have “absolute freedom to be with other girls” and that “every time a girl comes in, they can decide whether they want her or not.”

While the girls say they are happy with the service, they have a few reservations.

For one thing, they are still expected to show up for work when their contracts run out, so they aren’t always able to do that.

“It’s not easy to get to work, especially if you’re a foreigner,” Alia says.

“You have to ask your boss or the escort agency to let you work, and sometimes they don’t let you.

But then again, they probably want to give you a good time.”

She adds that sometimes escorts will ask for money and they can’t afford it.

“The girls that come in are not always nice, and they have bad attitudes,” she says.

In the end, the Dubai government has found a way to make it possible for the girls to make their decision.

“In Dubai, you have to have a good relationship with the girl, because you have the option to stay,” says one of the company’s owners, Adnan Al-Saqr.

“She can decide not to go.

And if she stays, we’re happy with her.”

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