Dubai Escort agency in Dubai to close due to poor demand

Dubai Escort agency in Dubai to close due to poor demand

Dubai’s Dubai Escorting agency has been shut down for the year by the Dubai Authority for Escort Services (DAS) as part of a plan to improve the quality of services in the emirate.

The agency, which has been operating under the umbrella of Dubai Escorter Services, was launched in October 2011 and the first escorts in the UAE were introduced in March.DAS has been unable to find suitable escorts to operate in Dubai since the first year, as demand in the city has dropped significantly, with the number of clients dropping from a peak of 1.5 million in 2013 to under 600,000 in 2014.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the agency said: “Dubai escorts services is an international business with a global network of escorts and sex workers.

We were not able to find qualified escorts who were willing to work for a year.”DAS said it was unable to offer services to all clients.

The company said it would have to close its operations and that it would work to find a suitable replacement for the escorts.

The organisation said that it had hired a third party to look after the company, which will continue to operate until further notice.

In addition, it will no longer be able to accept clients on behalf of the escorting agency.

Dubai has become a hotbed of sex tourism and the number is estimated to be more than 3 million, with Dubai’s booming nightlife industry accounting for a third of all hotel and other accommodation stays.

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