UAE authorities ban independent escorts from Dubai

UAE authorities ban independent escorts from Dubai

A Dubai court on Tuesday banned independent escort services from the emirate, citing security concerns and a lack of regulation.

The Dubai Criminal Court (DCC) ordered a three-month ban on Independent Escorts in the capital’s eastern districts.

The court ruled that Independent Escort services have not been in operation in the country since May 2018, and the ban is effective until the court makes a decision.

According to the DCC, Independent Escorting services are operating in the eastern district only because they were not allowed to do so before the court order.

The DCC added that it will “continue to take appropriate measures” to address security concerns if the escorts were to re-enter Dubai.

A UAE law enforcement source told The Associated Press that authorities have been trying to ban Independent Escorters since March of this year.

They said the escort service’s operators were able to resume operations in Dubai because of a judicial order that made it legal.

The court order comes after authorities in Dubai issued an alert last month that warned the city of the risk of “serious harm” if Independent Escorter services return to the country.

The alert warned of the possibility of “grave injury” if they return.

The Independent Escorted Services Association of Dubai said in a statement on Monday that it is not aware of any such threat and said it has never been arrested for the purpose of prostitution.

“We welcome this court order as it is an appropriate and timely response to the grave danger that the operators of Independent Escorters pose to the public safety and welfare,” the association said in the statement.

The independent escorting service in Dubai was banned in May 2018 for “serious breaches of Dubai’s laws.”

The Dubai Independent Police Department, the official police force in Dubai, said it had no further comment.

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