Dubai Escort Services to stop using ‘unethical’ service after ‘sickening’ allegations

Dubai Escort Services to stop using ‘unethical’ service after ‘sickening’ allegations

A woman accused of using an escort service to lure clients to a hotel room has been charged with soliciting and paying for sex.

Emma Chaudhry, 36, who also goes by Emma Guevara, had been under investigation by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) since the first allegations surfaced in August, the BBC reports.

She allegedly lured clients to her house, where they were promised to pay to stay in a private room.

One of the women was later found in a hotel suite with bruises and cuts, the newspaper reports.

Emma Guebre, 36 Emma Guesara is a British-based escort who works as a sex worker in Dubai.

The CPS said in a statement that Ms Guesar had been charged on Friday with solicited prostitution, sex trafficking and criminal damage.

“We are investigating Ms Guear for her alleged conduct as well as for other offences,” the statement read.

It added that Ms Chaudhar, Ms Gesara’s mother, was “very concerned” and would be making a statement to police about her daughter.

Ms Guesaro, who worked as a professional escort for 15 years before taking up working as a prostitute, is due to appear at Manchester Crown Court on Monday.

Earlier this month, the CPS confirmed it was launching an investigation into Ms Guedras claims.

Her boss told the BBC she was shocked by the allegations.

“[The allegations] are absolutely sickening,” the employee said.

Police said she had also used a number of aliases and had not yet revealed her true identity.

“I am shocked and appalled that anyone would engage in such vile conduct,” Detective Chief Inspector David Green of Greater Manchester Police said in an email.

Mr Green said there was “a very strong risk of her continuing to operate” in the city.

He added: “This is a criminal offence that should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and we will act swiftly if it is found to be so.”

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