How to get a real female escort in Dubai: Call girls in Dubai

How to get a real female escort in Dubai: Call girls in Dubai

A female escort agency in Dubai has been flooded with inquiries about her and her services after her image was featured on a popular Dubai escort site. 

The Dubai Escorts Agency was inundated with calls and messages after the picture of an exotic blonde woman appeared on the website Call Girls In Dubai.

The agency, who calls themselves “The Best Female Escorts In Dubai”, told ABC News that it was an innocent mistake and had not planned to use the image for anything other than promoting the agency.

The Escorts Agency’s manager, Farhan Sattar, told that the woman who appeared in the photo had posed with him on a beach.

“The woman was actually a model who had posed for us on a local beach and we used the picture to promote the agency, but that’s not why we used her picture,” he said.

The woman’s picture was then shared on social media by a female escort company, which has since taken the picture down.

Sattar told the agency is working with the company to correct the mistake. 

He said he was told by the company’s managers that the photo was taken with a phone.

“We’ve sent a screenshot to the company so that they can take appropriate action and they’ll have to take action themselves,” he told ABC.

“We will be taking legal action.”

The agency’s manager did not immediately return ABC News’ calls.

The Dubai Escort Agency website lists two other female escorting agencies in the UAE. 

Sattars company has not responded to a request for comment.ABC News’ Sarah Lacy contributed to this report.

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