When Dubai’s hottest escort agency, Independent Escorts, leaves Dubai

When Dubai’s hottest escort agency, Independent Escorts, leaves Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – In a sign of the times, Dubai’s Independent Escort agency is leaving the country to set up in India.

The Independent EscORT service, which is run by a group of independent women, was set up two years ago to offer escorts services to clients from across Dubai.

But, it is being forced to close down after the government in Dubai banned the escorts agency, which was founded by a number of former members of the police force.

“The Dubai government has decided to end our operations as a private escorts firm, because they don’t like the quality of escorts they are seeing from us,” one of the Independent Escorting women, known as “Miss B,” told Al Jazeera.

The Independent escorts have been banned from using Dubai’s red light district in Dubai’s Red Zone because of concerns about the use of red light cameras and other devices that could be used to catch drivers who do not pay.

In August this year, the Dubai government banned the Independent escort agency from operating in Dubai for six months, citing safety concerns, after complaints that the agency was using red light camera technology.

The Government of Dubai said the decision was taken because the agency did not have a license to operate in the city, and that the government has “not accepted any of the independent escorts’ complaints regarding their safety and security”.

“We are also making it clear that this is a matter that is not to be taken lightly.

Dubai is a city where you need to be careful of all things, especially when it comes to the safety of your personal safety,” it said in a statement.”

We have instructed the owners of the escort agencies to stop operating and we will work with them to remove any of their facilities from the city,” it added.

Independent escort service in India The Delhi-based Independent Escorter Association, which has been working with some of the women to set-up a private escort service in Mumbai, is not happy about the move.

“The Independent Agency is leaving Dubai.

They have left the city and they are leaving India,” the group’s president, Sangeeta Sharma, told Alja-M4 television channel.”

This is a huge mistake, it’s very sad,” she said.

“What they did to the Independent Agency was to put their own agenda ahead of safety.

We are going to fight against this government, this government should be ashamed of itself.” 

‘It’s a terrible situation’The Independent agency, started in Dubai by former police officer Zeenat Shaikh, is one of several private escort services that operate in Dubai.

It is also one of many agencies that operate on the outskirts of the city.

A statement from the Independent agency said that “the Dubai government is not a safe city and we do not like it that we are having to take the decision to shut down the services we have created”.

“We do not want to close our doors in Dubai because we are very safe here,” the statement said.

Al Jazeera’s Mohsin Raza, reporting from Dubai, said that many of the agency’s clients were men, and many of their escorts were working in the red light zone.

“There are a lot of people working in this red light area, and they see the cameras and they want to do their job, but the women don’t want to be caught because they are not doing their job,” he said.

The Dubai-based agency is not the only one to leave the city to set its own business in India, which already has a thriving private escort industry.

In July, a group led by a businessman in the Indian city of Ahmedabad, Suresh Kishore, announced a plan to open a private brothel in Dubai in a bid to attract more women. 

“The government has made it clear to us that we should not have any presence in Dubai,” Kishow said in an interview with the Hindustan Times newspaper.

“But we have to go through a lot more trials, we have been told, to make sure we are ready for it,” he added.

“And we are all ready.”

Kishow was not the first to come out of Dubai and set up a private business in the United Arab Arab Emirates.

An unnamed man from Dubai was the first Indian to set a private establishment in Dubai on the same day that the Dubai-born businessman announced the plan to set one up in the country.

“It is an opportunity to attract a lot women who are willing to do business with us, and also people who have the skills to do this business,” said the Dubai businessman, who did not wish to be named. 

 “It’s not just for Dubai anymore,” he told the Times.

“It’s for other countries, it will also affect the world.”  

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