The UAE’s Call Girls is a hit with Dubai’s brothels

The UAE’s Call Girls is a hit with Dubai’s brothels

DHAKA, Bangladesh — A call girl for Dubai’s famous “Bollywood” nightclub is in hot water after being caught on camera wearing skimpy clothes and dancing to popular dance songs.

In an exclusive video posted online, one of the girls appears to be wearing a short skirt and stockings and dancing as she poses for the camera.

One of the dancers, who also appears in the video, is wearing a top and a long skirt.

Dalilah Alaa, a 23-year-old call girl from the eastern province of Jeddah, said the video was shot last year.

She told Al Jazeera the video shows the girls performing in front of an audience at a club in Dubai.

She said she was asked to leave the club for dancing in public and was later arrested by police for indecency.

“I was asked if I was a prostitute, and I said yes.

They told me that I was under arrest and I was asked what I had been doing and I told them I was dancing,” Alaa said.

She said she had only danced for one month at the time.

Alaa was one of several girls caught on video dancing with men in front the nightclub.

She was one the women arrested and later released after a month in jail.

She claimed she was not wearing a skirt because she did not want to be seen with her breasts exposed.

“I don’t have a problem with nudity, but what I did was to be a good dancer,” she said.

“It was a joke.

We were not supposed to do that, so I just danced in public with my bare breasts.”

A video on the official call girls Facebook page, showing a group of girls dancing in front a VIP room, has garnered more than 13,000 views since it was posted last week.

It comes after a video surfaced on social media of a teenage girl from a local suburb of Dhaka, who was arrested in June after being seen dancing in a public place in the eastern city.

The video, posted on a call girls page, shows her dancing with a man and wearing a black shirt and black trousers.

Alia Miah, the director of the call girls group, told Al Arabiya that some of the women in the group were girls who were at the age of 13 or 14.

Aliah said she hoped the videos would inspire girls to be more responsible with their body parts and be more respectful of other people’s bodies.

“The call girls are not supposed do these things.

We are just people who want to make people happy, to make them feel good, to give them a smile, to show that the girls are normal and that they can do anything,” she told Al Arabic.

The callgirls group, she said, hopes the videos will help women who are afraid of dancing in the public and would like to go to dance clubs.

“We are not just going to let people know we do this, but we are going to take responsibility for our own actions,” she added.

Aliya reported from Dhaka.

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