Dubai Escort agency offers women-only tours of its facilities

Dubai Escort agency offers women-only tours of its facilities

Dubai’s top escorts agency has launched a “female-only” tour of its private properties to attract more women tourists.

The agency has partnered with the Dubai Tourism Authority to host “Girl City”, an official holiday experience, which will include a virtual tour of the property’s interior.

“This initiative will give our clients a chance to experience our own unique brand and unique experiences,” said Adnan Al Khawaja, director of Dubai Escorting Services.

“Our female escorts are the future of the industry, and the world’s best in their field.”

The tour, which is being offered by the agency’s sister company, the Dubai Escorter Agency, is the first in a series of initiatives that aim to promote female escorting to a wider audience.

The company says that women account for more than 90 per cent of the company’s revenue, and more than 80 per cent are employed in Dubai.

The tours, which take place from January 5 to 18, will take guests on a virtual walk around the property, which includes a hotel, a pool, restaurant, cinema and entertainment centre.

The tour will offer an overview of the interior, and a virtual virtual tour with the agency itself, including the facilities, in which the tour participants can interact with the owners and staff.

In addition, guests will be able to take part in a virtual interview with one of the agency employees.

The “Girl Cities” will also offer a virtual experience with the team of escorts, where guests will meet and chat with the women, and visit the hotel.

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