Dubai Escort Agency ‘talks’ to new client over Dubai accommodation deal

Dubai Escort Agency ‘talks’ to new client over Dubai accommodation deal

Dubai Escorting agency Dubai Escor­tures is reportedly in talks with a new client to build a new hotel in the Gulf emirate.

Dubai Escort, which operates in London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, says it has signed a lease agreement with the UAE-based Luxe Luxe Group to build an 800-room hotel in Dubai, in addition to offering luxury car and nightlife services.

Dublin-based luxury travel agency Luxe says it will also operate a new, 10-star hotel in Al Ain in the Emirate.

Luxe said it plans to open the new hotel at the end of 2019.

Dubah-based hotel operators Luxe have been heavily criticised by critics for overstocking hotels in the capital with expensive rooms.

Duban Emirati businessman Mohamed Al Mansouri, the Dubai’s chief executive, told the Financial Times last month that Dubai hotels were understaffed and overcrowded.

He said the state was unable to keep up with demand for hotel accommodation.

Al Mansouri also said that Dubai was not in a position to compete in the global hotel market and that the country needed to invest more in hotel infrastructure.

In August, Dubai’s tourism ministry warned that the hotel industry would suffer if more hotel rooms were not built, but the number of hotels in Dubai continues to grow.

In February, Dubai Tourism Authority chairman Abdulrahim Al-Qayyim said that the sector would see an increase in hotel bookings and that “there is no reason why Dubai hotel operators should not be competing on the global stage”.

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