How to be a professional escort in Dubai

How to be a professional escort in Dubai

Dubai is famous for its brothels and brothelles.

So it should come as no surprise that some of the sex workers there have their own website.

Called Call Girls Dubai, it is a platform for escorts to advertise their services in Dubai.

They offer their services as part of a monthly service, called “Dubai Hot Nights.”

The website is free to use and allows escorts from around the world to connect and meet in Dubai on a weekly basis.

Here’s how to find the best escort in the city.


Choose your date 1.

Pick your date, when and where do you want to go. 2.

Choose a hotel in Dubai 3.

Choose the type of service You’ll need: A. A car to drive to your destination.


A taxi or a limo.


A private van for the whole journey.


A phone number or a text message.


A driver to drive you to your hotel.


A flatbed truck.


A hotel room or a hotel room with a bath.


A room or room with food and drinks.


A place where you can buy your clothes or services.


The place you want your escort to meet.


The time of day and location of your hotel room.


You’re ready to get to work!

Let’s get started!

First, you need to get your driver.

This person will be driving you to and from your hotel to meet the escort you’re interested in.

You can find an escort driver in Dubai by going to their website, choosing “Contact me,” and selecting the number.

Here you’ll be able to set a payment method for the escort, and they will give you a call number.

You’ll also have to make sure that your date is willing to pay the driver fees.

Make sure to get a room for the entire trip, as there will be room charges for the rest of the night.

If you have a date who isn’t willing to go, then you can opt to arrange a private taxi.

It will cost you nothing and will take you to the hotel to your location.

You need to arrange this separately from the service that you’ll use.


Your escort driver will tell you where to go 3.

If they have a room, tell them the address.

You have to give them the number of your driver and the address of the place you’ll meet them.

They will then tell you the destination.


You will get to meet your escort 4.

You may or may not be able for some of your services.

Here are some tips to get you started: A) Be polite.

If your date wants to be with you, don’t let them know what to expect.

B) Be courteous.

When you arrive, be prepared to make an arrangement to meet them in person, and be polite.

C) Pay the driver fee upfront.

Don’t be afraid to pay upfront for your escort services.

D) Make sure that you are in the right hotel.

The taxi driver may charge a fee for some hotels, but the hotel room charges are not the same.

E) Take a taxi or limo to the location.

If possible, take the taxi or private van to your chosen location.

5) Once you’re at the hotel, your escort will be waiting for you.

When they see you, you will have the option to take a photo with them.

A few tips to make the experience more enjoyable: A.)

Take your time.

If someone is waiting for your date to arrive, make sure to make a quick call and wait until your date arrives.


Make sure you’re ready when the escort arrives.

If she doesn’t show up on time, ask the escort to call back.


Don’t get upset if your escort is late.

The escort will come and meet you in the next room.


If you’re having a problem with your escort, just say hello and let her know that you have problems.


Enjoy the night!

Once you’ve met the escort and you’ve made arrangements for your dates, you’ll need to take your escort home.

If it’s your first time in Dubai and you haven’t seen any escorts before, you might want to check out a brothel before heading out to find one.

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