Dubai Escort agency opens up its agency to the public

Dubai Escort agency opens up its agency to the public

Dubai, the UAE’s second largest city, has a reputation as a hotbed of luxury and sex tourism, but a new Dubai escort agency is hoping to make its reputation more positive.

Dubai Escorts Agency is set to open up a 24-hour service in Dubai in early 2018.

Its mission is to provide escorts for all types of clients, with an emphasis on men and women from the middle-class to the destitute, according to the company’s CEO, Ahmed al-Qadari.

“We want to make the industry more attractive to the young people, and to provide a safe place to have sex,” al-Kadi said.

“Our aim is to create a safe and positive environment for all kinds of customers to come and enjoy sex in a safe environment.”

Al-Kadid, who also runs a Dubai-based travel agency, Dubai Call Girls, said he hopes his company can attract new customers to the UAE, and offer a safer and more inclusive experience.

“There are many escorts out there, but we are very unique in that we can offer a more intimate and personal service for the customer, where we can make them feel comfortable,” he said.

Al-Qadsari said the company was also in talks with a number of European countries to expand its service.

“In the next couple of years, we hope to have a new office in Dubai, and we hope that we will start providing services to more countries in the near future,” he told Al Jazeera.

“I would like to say that Dubai is the safest city in the Middle East, and I hope we can give the world a better and more beautiful Dubai,” he added.

Al Jazeera’s Nafeez Ahmed, reporting from Dubai, said the new Dubai Escorting Agency would cater for a wide range of clients.

“They can have different types of escorts, from wealthy and well-known, to the average customer who is looking for a friend,” he explained.

“But the aim of this company is to help the more adventurous customer to come to Dubai, so they can enjoy some more exciting sex and to explore the new culture of Dubai.”Al Jazeera

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