Why don’t you just get the best girls in Dubai? Female escort services in Dubai say yes to male escorts

Why don’t you just get the best girls in Dubai? Female escort services in Dubai say yes to male escorts

The female escort industry is booming in the Middle East, where it is seen as a good option for younger women looking to escape domestic pressures. 

However, it can be difficult to find the right girl, with female escorts often finding themselves on the receiving end of abuse or threats. 

According to a recent study by The Escorts Institute, only 2.2% of female escort workers are actually hired by their own agencies.

This is mainly because of a lack of understanding about what the business entails, and a lack in education and experience.

The study found that female escorting workers often are not educated about the job, and often have limited experience in the industry.

As a result, women are often treated as second-class citizens, and many of them have no understanding of the difference between an escort agency and a real agency.

A study by the International Association of Escort Agents (IAA) in 2018 found that the number of female escort agencies in Dubai has dropped from 8,000 in 2011 to just 5,500 in 2019.

Women’s empowerment group Girls Against Escort Agencies (GAA) has been pushing for greater awareness about the profession, and said it is vital that more girls are involved in the profession.

GAA president Alisha Akbar told the BBC that many girls are scared of working with male escort agencies because they may be exploited or raped by the male escorting agents.

“They [the male escorter agents] often don’t want to know that they are being exploited, so they may use a woman to cover their tracks,” she said.

“This is why girls have to ask for help, to know what they’re doing, to be trained in their field, because this is what they need.”

IAA director Dr Zaid Ali said the industry needs to focus on educating young girls about the business and help them to get better accreditations and better contracts.

Ali said female escorter agencies are in desperate need of better education, and more female escorters should be trained as part of this effort.

In 2018, the UAE government approved a number of laws that will help female escorted workers, including legislation that provides for more education and better accreditation, and legislation that ensures the right of women to seek employment in the sector.

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