How Dubai’s young women are being ‘exploited’ for sex by men in the capital

How Dubai’s young women are being ‘exploited’ for sex by men in the capital

Dubai is known as the “sex capital of the world” but the lure of being taken to a brothel is being exploited by a growing number of Dubai women.

A growing number are forced to pay men to perform sex acts on them, according to a report from the Dubai Civil Society Network.

They also find themselves forced to work in brothels and are not protected by the laws of their home countries, which make it a crime to have sex with a foreign woman.

The network says it is not uncommon for young women in the UAE to travel to Europe, the United States and Asia to meet their male partners.

They often work for companies in Dubai who offer them lucrative contracts.

The women are also offered “financial inducements” and are often encouraged to accept them when they are offered money, the report said.

The Dubai Police, the country’s security and public order agency, said it does not track the number of cases of trafficking in the city.

It did not respond to a request for comment on the network’s report.

The UAE has been hailed for its law and order amid a string of high-profile cases, including the murder of an alleged taxi driver in Dubai and a major police raid that killed two suspected al Qaeda militants in February.

The government says the police are tackling the problem by arresting people suspected of trafficking and enforcing anti-trafficking laws.

Dubai is home to some of the worlds most exclusive resorts, and is also one of the richest countries in the world.

The UAE is one of only a handful of countries with no national currency.

In an online video posted by the UAE’s Ministry of Culture, tourism and sports, a group of girls in blue-and-white swimsuits and black leggings are seen performing sex acts for the camera.

In the video, the girls sing songs including “Happy Ending,” “We’re a Couple” and “We are Two.”

The ministry said the video was intended to “create awareness and encourage the women to continue their sexual activities and continue to work towards their education, so that their dreams become a reality.”

“They are doing a lot of good for the UAE, they are providing jobs and jobs are being offered to them,” the ministry said.

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