Dubai escort agency to close due to a loss of clientele

Dubai escort agency to close due to a loss of clientele

Dubai has taken steps to end its lucrative sex trade, as its escort agency closes.

A report by The Times Of India on Tuesday said that a major agency has decided to close its operations in Dubai.

The news comes a day after a Dubai-based escort agency, FemDom, announced that it would close.

In a statement on its website, FemDoms owner and CEO Adil Shah said that “the current clientele of FemDom is declining and due to our increasing clientele, we have had to close our Dubai office and will have to close all its offices in the coming days.

We have been unable to keep our doors open for the past couple of years.”

The agency has been running at a loss for years, according to the report.

The Dubai- based agency, known as FemDom Dubai, was created in 2009.

The website says that FemDom has been operating since 2008 and is the second oldest sex industry in Dubai after the adult entertainment industry.

The site says that the agency has a staff of between 40 to 50 people.

According to the website, the agency offers services to young, attractive and well-spoken female escort.

It also has clients from the UAE, Pakistan, India, the US, and Russia.

The Times of Indian report says that Dubai’s sex industry is a “disease” and a “permanent problem”.

It says that some of the workers in Dubai are “trapped” and “suffer from the diseases and illnesses of prostitution, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, Hepatitis B, Heparin syndrome, cancer, multiple organ failure, and more.”

The Times Of Indian also says that many of the employees have come from poor and disadvantaged families, with many working in small businesses.

The report says there are reports of trafficking in Dubai and that the authorities are aware of it.

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