How a Dubai Escort can take on the big hotel industry

How a Dubai Escort can take on the big hotel industry

Dubai has been the epicenter of the Dubai Escorting boom, with hundreds of new escorts, and even more lucrative work for people who want to become escorts.

But the booming industry has brought new challenges for some of the world’s largest hotels, including some in the US.

And as we’ve seen in the past, it’s hard to make money doing escorts in the United States. 

Read moreThe Dubai Escorter In 2014, The Associated Press reported on how a British-American man named David Denton and his wife, Annette, were the first to be arrested by authorities in Dubai.

They had been living in Dubai with Denton for three months. 

David Denton, 51, was sentenced to three years in prison for trafficking women to work in hotels in Dubai and for the sexual exploitation of at least one of them, according to the AP. In March, a federal judge declared that Denton had abused his power over the women and said that he had forced them to have sex and to do sexual acts in hotels and on public transportation, among other things.

The judge said that Denton had abused his position as a businessman, that he knew he was doing wrong and that the abuse had been continuing for more than a decade, and that his conduct had made it clear that he was not fit to hold office. 

 In an interview with the Associated Press, Denton said he wanted to stop doing work as an escorts and was surprised to be released after serving his time. 

“I thought to myself, ‘I’ll just move on and enjoy my life.’

And that’s what I’ve done,” Denton told the AP, adding that he planned to start a new career. 

After his arrest, Dennett was charged with five charges, including sex trafficking of a minor. 

The Dennys have not yet been charged with any crimes related to the alleged trafficking, according to court records. 

A spokesperson for the Justice Department told The New York Times that “the Justice Department has prosecuted over 2,500 individuals for trafficking offenses in the United States since the beginning of the Obama administration.” 

 Denny told The AP that he was not a trafficker. 

However, in the same interview, Dennett said he felt victimized because he was accused of “sex trafficking” and that he did not know the person he was working with. 

It’s important to note that David Dickson, pictured above, didn’t actually hire any foreign women to be his escorts while he was working for them. 

Instead, he rented them rooms in his hotel, and they could be paid to perform sexual acts on him, the AP reported. 

Dentons wife Annette was arrested for sex trafficking in December 2015 and is now serving a sentence in a Saudi prison, according the AP article. 

What is the Dubai Escort Industry?

The Dubail Escort industry is the biggest and most lucrative in the world. 

According to a 2015 Forbes report, Dubai is home to over 30 super-rich individuals and businesses who are among the most profitable in the entire Middle East, earning $4.3 trillion in annual revenue from escorts and sex work in 2015. 

But the businesses are also increasingly turning to other countries to bring in customers. 

There are over 1,500 super wealthy individuals living in Dubai, according Forbes. 

They are all working in the escort industry. 

These people, who make millions of dollars each year as escorts, are not just traveling to the Gulf or Europe for business. 

Dubais top socially engaged escorted person is Sina Al-Bakrati, the founder and owner of the Tower Club. 

Al-Bacarati, 51 was arrested in January 2016 for allegedly selling sex for $30,000 a day to men and women, according Dubai News. 

He has been charged in Dubai for sexual abuse of a woman in Saudi Arabia and for prostitution. 

More recently, Albakrini was indicted by the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia on child prostitution charges, allegedly selling girls from a 10-year-old girl to a 14-year old boy in the country, according UAE News. 

 Al-Saudis secretive Saudi royal family had sex with at least 16 girls in 2017, according to

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