Dubai Escort Services offers travel packages and VIP packages to wealthy customers

Dubai Escort Services offers travel packages and VIP packages to wealthy customers

Dubai Escorting Services (DES) has launched a new service offering luxury travel packages to affluent clients.

The Dubai Escorter Services website lists a variety of high-end travel packages, including the “Escort Luxury” and “Premier Luxury.”

The Dubai Escorted services website also includes an option to pay a deposit to get the luxury packages.DES is an escort agency that offers a variety on-the-spot appointments to wealthy clients.

The company was founded by Dina Rizvi, who is a former Dubai-based police officer who has worked with the Dubai Police and Dubai Metropolitan Police to police high-profile cases.

The service has been available in Dubai since 2011.

I’m not an escort, but I am working for a company that will do my bidding for me.

If they want to do the work, they will pay for the escort service and I’ll do it for them.

It’s an opportunity to travel.

So if I get a package, I can travel.

I think Dubai is becoming more popular for those who are not wealthy.

The people who are rich and know how to operate the bureaucracy, who have connections, are more inclined to want to hire people.

I’m very proud of Dubai for having the opportunity to work with people that have the financial means and are willing to work for a price.

I have been in Dubai for 10 years and have always been very happy.

I’ve been a part of the city for two decades.

I always love it.

I love Dubai.

I don’t see it as a problem for me because I’m an Emirati citizen.

Dubai is a beautiful city and it has always been a wonderful place for me to live.

I enjoy working with the professionals and I enjoy being in the limelight.

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