How to be an Escort in Dubai

How to be an Escort in Dubai

The number of escorts in Dubai has reached a record high.

In just one week, two of them, Alia and Naseem, have been named as Dubai’s new escorts of choice.

The first time the pair appeared on the headlines, they were spotted by the British photographer and videographer, James Broughton, as they were in a nightclub.

“We were in the club for a couple of minutes and a guy walked up to us and said: ‘We’re escorting a couple in Dubai’ and we were like: ‘What?'” said Broughson.

“Then we heard him say: ‘I’m a photographer.’

And then we were told: ‘Look, I’ll get the photo and then I’ll send you a message.'”

The next day, a couple approached Broughston, who told him the two escorts were actually working for Dubai Police.

“I was a bit confused because there are three escorts, but there’s only one, so there was no confusion,” said Boughson.

The pair were given the nickname ‘call girls in Dubai’.

“They’re not even going to be escorts,” he said.

“They’re just the people we see at the clubs.”

The other thing is, you need to be very careful.

We’re looking for escorts who are not a threat.

“If you’re not a risk to yourself, the police will take you seriously.

We are not here to hurt you.

We want to take care of you and give you a good experience.”

He said the escort community was changing.

“Escorts are becoming more mainstream now.

They’re no longer the girls who dress up as models,” he added.

“This is about being able to be yourself.”

He added: “The girls now know that if they come in they have to dress up and make themselves look good, and you need a great escort who knows their business.”

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