What do you want when you travel to Dubai? We have you covered!

What do you want when you travel to Dubai? We have you covered!

Dubai, the UAE (CNN) — There’s something about being in a city where people know each other.

If you’re a young adult with a penchant for fashion, then you’re in for a treat.

A hot new club and nightclub is popping up in Dubai.

Its called Independent Escorts Agency and it has been around since 2011.

It’s now expanding, and its been hiring a lot more girls than ever before.

I spoke to one of its most well-known girls, a young girl with long black hair and a piercing smile who goes by the name of Kandi.

She told me that in Dubai she has seen a number of girls who are going through a transition and she knows there are some who are ready to become escorts.

But she says there are still a few of them who aren’t ready.

I asked her about her future.

“I don’t know.

It will depend on my personality.

But I want to become a model, or a dancer,” she said.

“And then I want something more in my life.”

I asked how she feels about working for the agency and being the only girl there.

She smiled and told me, “It’s my dream.

It’ll be a great adventure.

I will definitely have fun.”

Kandi is not the only woman to have gone through a shift.

I met two other girls, one a stripper and one an escort.

The stripper was so busy getting paid that she was working for three different agencies at once, she said, while the escort had her own agency.

The girls said they were looking for escorts with good taste, who like to dress up and show their sexuality.

Kandi, who has been with Independent Escort Agency since 2013, said that she’s a lot happier now that she knows what it means to be an escort in Dubai and where she’s at in her career.

“When I was younger I had no experience,” she explained.

“Now I’m an adult and I’m learning everything about it.”

As an escort, she knows the rules of the game and can get away with it.

But as an independent girl, she can do anything.

“You’re just going to be a normal girl, and you can do whatever you want, and it will be OK,” she told me.

Kudo Alkam is a journalist and author based in Dubai , UAE.

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